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Image: Plastic bottle topsSafe, eco-friendly ways to recycle plastic bottle caps
Plastic bottle caps and other plastic tops are the unruly orphans of the recycling world. Caps we recycle in good faith are likely to end up in the ocean or a landfill, and in the stomach of a fish or bird.

For a variety of legitimate reasons, community recycling centers have difficulty with plastic bottle caps and discourage consumers from recycling them. This leaves many people asking: What's the most responsible way to dispose of plastic bottle tops?

There is no perfect solution yet, but there are some good options, and if we create a demand for better cap recycling solutions—one day we'll have them!

1. Collect and wash your bottle tops, then mail them in batches to Caps Can Do.

2. Buy water in bulk, or use a pitcher filter:
Five gallons of water generates about 35 caps if purchased in individual bottles, but not when it comes in a bulk container or pitcher.

Image: Large plastic bottle vs small plastic bottle vs filter pitcher

3. Drop your (smallish quantities of) plastic bottle caps at an Aveda Experience Center.
Aveda's cap recycling project: Aveda uses your rigid plastic caps to make new Aveda caps. Does your cap qualify for their program: If you can bend or break the lid with your bare hands, or it's made from metal, it does not meet the rigid plastic definition and cannot be used to make new Aveda caps.
Find the nearest Aveda Experience Center

Here's a visual guide to the types of plastic caps Aveda recycles:

Image: Good caps for Aveda's cap recycling program.

4. Enroll your church or school in Aveda's cap recycling project.

Please e-mail capcollection@aveda.com or call 1.877.AVEDA09 to enroll in the cap recycling program, or to get more information.

5. Create awareness

If you have a recycling facility in your neighborhood, call them and suggest they start recycling bottle caps. The higher the demand, the more likely you'll get the service.


Safe, eco-friendly ways to recycle plastic bottle caps

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